Saturday, 29 March 2008

I`ve Had It Off!....

...My cast that is!
I have had my left hand in plaster for the past six weeks after falling and fracturuing my thumb.
No I wasn`t drunk! It has been so frustrating not being able to do stuff ,I am so happy to finally be free of it. Trouble is it still hurts a bit so will still struggle to make cards properly. My hubby has had to help me tie ribbon on the last couple I made, he was not impressed....
Hope to do some crafting tomorrow.


Vicki said...

pmsl!!! I was a bit scared to read any further, after the title he! he!

How on earth have you coped all this time in plaster?? well done Jools. Can't fault you getting hubby to help you with your cards he! he!.

Thanks for passing by my blog and leaving such kind comments, much appreciated. Yes the florist has sold a few. She asked if I could make a small poster, advertising myself, so she could display in her window, so did that, then she had some orders for me, one I've recently posted. Thanks for asking, so kind of you to do so. Look forward to seeing more of your lovely cards, as and when your up to it. Take care xx vicki xx

kerry said...

Freedom at last. Who's happier, you for having the cast off or Neil for not having to play with ribbons!!! What an
Kez xxx

Stacey said...

How on earth did you manage to continue crafting in plaster?! You must be seriously talented me thinks!

Thanks again for my award (and for the instructions!). Us newbies have to stick together! xxx