Sunday, 11 May 2008

Busy, Busy!

Really haven`t had chance to blog or make cards this week. I`ve had a quick glance at some other blogs and I am itching to have a go. I am hoping to make a card or two tonight, fingers crossed! I usually wait until the kids are in bed but sometimes the thought of having to get all my craft stuff out puts me off. I am hoping for a craft room before Christmas then I can just close the door when time runs out.

I`d like to say a big thank you to Kerry for giving us all the `cool dude` image. I`m sure you would all agree it was very generous and it will be well used.If you haven`t already visit her blog for some fab, inspirational cards.


Vicki said...

Hi Julie,

Hope you have had chance to do some crafting this evening, I know what you mean about pulling all the crafting stuff out. Before I had my little craft room I used to make a right mess on the living room floor, now I've got a craft room I make an even bigger mess on the floor, but like you say, close the door and forget it's not there lol!!

It was ever so generous of Kerry to let us have her fabby 'doodles'. I really did enjoy using them.

Look forward to seeing more of your gorgeous cards, when you get chance to post them. Take care, love & best wishes xx vicki xx

kerry said...

You bad blogger! Putting everything else before crafting!! hehe.
Everyone is more than welcome for the doodles, its a pleasure to put them on my blog.
Kez xxx