Wednesday, 14 May 2008

Well Done Kerry!

What can I say.....I am so proud of my SIL Kerry for designing such a fantastic set of stamps!
It has been a long time coming and perhaps a little frustrating for her, but well worth the wait.
I know she doesn`t always realise how talented she is and gets surprised that people out there would want to buy her designs. I know I may be a little biased lol....but I`m sure you will agree that these designs are fabulous! I know Kerry has had loads of support from people on Docrafts and from other blogger`s.
I can`t wait to see the stamps on Debbi Moore`s website and to see what other crafters can do with them. If you haven`t already check out her blog for some great inspiration.
Congratulations Kez! xxx


kerry said...

THANK YOU!!!!!!!
Kez xxxxxxx

Vicki said...

Hi Julie!!!!

What a lovely post. I do so agree with you that Kerry is amazingly talented and yep I know what you mean about her not always realising it. But maybe after this weekend, hopefully it may dawn on her a little. I have already pre-ordered a set. I can't wait til they!!!!! Huge thanks to you Julie for giving Kerry the 'boot up the behind' that she needed to get started in the first place. ((((hugs)))) love & best wishes xx vicki xx

Just call me G said...


I am going to second what Vicki says as without you gently nudging or more!! Kerry to express her creativity... then we would be a new designer down..

Btw - I have you down on my blog list as Cool Dudes Auntie and Kerry as Cool dudes Mum... I thought that was kinda apt!

tracey said...

i couldnt agree more her designs were destined to be fantasticly successful stamps i have ordered mine already. i am so glad she has shared them with us crafters. i can see myself becoming a collector cant wait for more.