Sunday, 14 September 2008

Fancy dress party!

Thought I`d put on the pics from my Sisters fancy dress party this weekend, we had a fab time!
Karate Kid Jake
Power Ranger Marshall
Pink Lady and Indiana Jones
Me with Marilyn Monroe little Sis


Maria's Cards said...

Looks like you had a fab time Julie. x

Vicki said...

Lovely pics Jools, you all look fab in your costume, thanks for sharing looks like you all enjoyed yourselves xx vicki xx

Dawny P said...

Don't you all look fabulous!!! Love your Pink Lady - well I would wouldn't I lol xxx. Ere Jools, your OH looks a bit of alright in his IJ get up, I have to say. Did he have one of them bull whip things as well lol xxxx

I went to a fancy dress a couple of years ago and it was a 70s theme. Honestly, it was hysterical. At the start of the night, all the men had spikey long Rod Stewart type hair and by the end of it, they were all bald again cos they had to take their wigs off cos it was so hot!!

Hope you had a great party and a great weekend xxxx

kerry said...

You all looked FAB!!!!! Just wish we could have seen
Hmmmm....I wonder who enjoyed dressing up the most?!..hehe
Kez xxx

Cass said... all look fabby.I hope you had a brilliant time.

Cass xxx

Tarasdesigns said...

you all look great and your hubby looks very good as Indiana Jones, much better than Harrison Ford!

Mar G said...

You all look ace in your fancy dress costumes! :) x